This bracelet includes some lovely shades of green similar to what you might see walking the beach or on some of Maui's beautiful green hiking trails.  Peacock Leaf, Beach Glass Ridge Light, Med & Dark Green beads are used.

Green Beach Glass and Peacock Leaf Bracelet

  • This bracelet includes 1 lobster clasp sterling silver bracelet (please choose size). Also included is 1 CZ locking clip (we have 3 designs and if you would like another design please let us know). Charms included are - 1 Monk Seal, 1 Butterfly, 1 Seahorse, 1 Sea Star, 1 Conch shell, 1 Whale Tail, 1 Plumeria and 1 Honu. All charms shown are light (non-oxidized) and if you would like the dark oxidized please let us know when ordering. Includes 5 glass beads - 3 Beach Glass Ridge and 2 Peacock Leaf.