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Enjoying the beauty of green palm leaves rustling in the breeze under a blue sky while lying by the beach in Hawaii is an especially relaxing experience. You can enjoy all this while looking at this bracelet on your wrist. It has 9 beads, 1 locking clip, 6 glass beads (Brilliant Blue and Palm Green beads) on a ball clasp bracelet

Blue Skys - Green Palms Bracelet

  • This bracelet includes 1 ball clasp bracelet, 1 CZ locking clip, 1 Slipper charm, 1 Pineapple charm, 1 Whale tail charm, 1 Ku'uipo charm, 1 Coch charm, 1 Seahorse charm, 1 oonshell charm, 1 Petro Turtle charm, 1 Tiny bead pair, 3 Brilliant Blue glass beads and 3 Palm Green glass beads.
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